PRS 513 – 10 Top 2008

Modell: 513 10-Top – Violin Amber Sunburst – 2008

Selected among 2 other 513

Eines der vielseitigsten Instrumente im weltweiten Angebot und dabei von überragender Qualität. Die PRS 513 bietet 5 Pickups und 13 Sounds, die über eine benutzerfreundliche integrierte Elektronik mit Lautstärkeregelung, Klangregelung und zwei Sliding Switches gesteuert werden. Ein Schalter ist ein 5-Wege-Pickup-Wahlschalter, der andere ist ein 3-Wege-Modus-Schalter, mit dem man zwischen Singlecoil, Clear Humbucking und Heavy Humbucking wählen kann.

One of our most versatile and superior instruments in the world, the PRS 513 stands for 5 pickups and 13 sounds, achieved with an easy-to-use integrated electronics control package, which includes volume control, tone control and two blade switches. One blade switch is a 5-way pickup selector, and the other is a 3-way mode switch that allows you to select between the singlecoil, clear humbucking and heavy humbucking modes.

This instrument was a player and wants to be played in the future. On the top you only will find a very fine scratching from playing – no dings and dongs. Only on the back side there are some dongs. See photos.

Meine Eigene Gitarre / my on guitar – Age driven sale

Die Mehrwertsteuer kann nicht ausgewiesen werden / VAT cannot be separated

Built in                                         USA

Body                                            Mahagony

Top                                              AAA Flamed Maple

Neck                                            Mahagony 

Fretboard                                    Rosewood / Palisander

Bridge                                          Tremolo

Frets                                            22

Weight                                         3.680 gr (weighted myself)

Pickups                                       S-S – S – S-S

Case                                            Original

513 Pickup System (patents applied for)

  • 5 single coil pickups/13 sounds
  • Volume control, tone control
  • 5-way blade pickup selector
  • 3-way blade tone selector – heavy humbucking, clear humbucking, single coil


  • Down – Heavy humbucking
  • Middle – Clear humbucking
  • Up – Single Coil


  • the 5-way pickup selector remains the same in all 3 modes
  • Position 1: Treble Pickup
  • Position 2: Treble and Middle
  • Position 3: Middle
  • Position 4: Middle and Bass
  • Position 5: Bass Pickup